Episodes 1 and 2Edit


  • In the first draft of the script, Brad Fischer was named "Hot Guy #3" and was intended to be a minor role.
  • Both Candy Kane and Brad Fischer were, at the time of auditions, intended to be reoccurring roles; they were bumped up to leads before production began.
  • The roles of Math Teacher, Mrs. Applebaum, and Natalie Porter were all recast prior to the beginning of filming, due to scheduling conflicts.
  • James Kempe-Mehl was originally cast as Dr. Cooper, a part of the Magdalene story line that was later cut. He went on to play Mr. Gilbert, the English teacher.
  • Allison Watrous was originally cast as Genevieve Gweneviere, Magdalene's mother. When the story line was cut, she went on to play Lydia Fischer, Brad's step-mom.
  • "50 Worst Dates" was originally titled "When Sex Happens." It was later renamed after undergoing a number of rewrites when Magdalene's storyline was cut from the series.
  • The burger restaurant in "50 Worst Dates" was originally supposed to be a fine dining restaurant.


  • Baby Jordy was, as a joke, once included in the make-up list on the call sheet.
  • Lead actress, Anna Gibson, fell down the stairs 19 times, while filming the stunt.
  • The two "students" walking by the Ross house at the beginning of the first episode are the directors, Raishel and Justine Wasserman.


  • In "How To Deal With A New School", the scene near the end when Ken and Anabelle leave the party was all done on ADR. The original audio can be heard in the trailer.
  • The hospital scenes and the scene where Ken is picking up trash in "50 Worst Dates" were also done with ADR.
  • The Chihuahua Logo at the end of the episodes with the pink weights was created because of an inside joke. During the rehearsals, Kameron and Haris rehearsed their episode 2 work out scenes with pink weights.
  • The Chihuahua is also wearing Brad's jacket.