Rose DeLuca
First appearance 1.01 "How To Deal With A New School"
Created by  Raishel Wasserman, Justine Wasserman, and Rhiannon Goodrich
Portrayed by  Faith D'Amato
Name Rose DeLuca
Age 16
Schools River Blossom High
Town of Origin River Blossom, Colorado
Love Interests Brad Fischer

Rose DeLuca, portrayed by Faith D'Amato, is a student at River Blossom High School.

Character OverviewEdit

A high strung economics student, Rose can often be seen sitting around playing the stock market during school hours. During her free time, she mingles with the jocks - Brad Fischer and his friend Brody Knox. While her name is never mentioned in the first two episodes, it is listed on Brad's scoreboard in his weight room.


Rose is often seen spending time with Brad and it is therefore assumed the two are dating.